UX Lenses

11 Lenses curated to not only design by, but to also look through in the evaluation of designed experiences.
An ever evolving collection of design goals and tenets adopted over my career.

The UX Principles

Principles curated to not only design by, but to also use in the evaluation of designed [digital] experiences.

Experiences should be...


Promoting a clear, primary purpose, supporting the "Why" behind the experience. Focused on the benefit – while aligning with top tasks.


Providing quick and easy information processing.


User behavior should be used to inform a contextual experience that is tailored to one's goals; yielding levels of hyper-personalization.


Validated and verified with insights – qualitative and/or quantitative.

Clear & Concise

Content is not filler, nor is it meant to support the design. Copy (text) is the unsung hero of the experience; however, that content should be distilled and simple.


Integrating the appearance with the function.


Geared towards speed and efficiency – with consideration of device and use case.


For one and for all – ensuring experiences are accessible by everyone.

>= Expected

The experience should align or surpass user expectations.


In the event of things failing (and they always do in some way or another), they should fail gracefully.


Nothing worse than a solution in search of a problem – Start with the problem, not a solution.

Lenses Applied

The UX Honeycomb has become quite rooted in the industry.  Applied to those facets, these lenses can provide a bit more granular direction on how to impact certain areas of the overall experience.
GET STARTEDUX Honeycomb with Lenses

UX Honeycomb

Facet of User Experience Design. Peter Morville, 2004

Optimized Honeycomb

Small amendment to the classic diagram - improving connections.
Katerina Karagianni, 2018

Plotted UX Lenses

A collection of mental lenses to consider when designing or evaluating experiences. 
Damien Dalli, 2020

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