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I have been lucky enough to work alongside some very talented people – here are some of their kind words.
Photo of Jonathan Farjo

Jonathan Farjo

Chief Product Officer at LunarCRUSH
Jonathan managed Damien directly
"Damien is an incredibly talented design leader who is capable of executing and managing through the most complex, enterprise-scale projects. He thinks deeply through every scenario and always looks to incorporate user feedback into everything that he and his team dream up. Any company would be lucky to have Damien on their team."
Photo of AJ Karim

AJ Karim

Executive: Integrated Production, Digital Transformation, Innovation & Strategy
AJ was senior to Damien but didn’t manage directly
"I had the pleasure of working with Damien for several years while at Innocean/Hyundai. We worked together closely on enhancing process and establishing a test & learn culture and pushed innovation and creative technology. Damien was always a trusted confidant and partner. I couldn't recommend him more highly. He always had an approach to enhance the user's experience through any product we developed albeit screen or channel. His goal is to advocate for the user, and use data, trends, and insight to develop a strategy that helped create the best possible experience we can develop - but he wasn't done there. He would constantly review and discuss, test and enhance... Damien is a pro, one of the best I have ever worked with - extremely technical, entrepreneurial spirit, and very creative. Highly recommend."
Photo of Fabian Biedermann

Fabian Biedermann

Digital Account Director, Hyundai at INNOCEAN USA
"Damien's depth of knowledge and experience in UX design, research and engineering were an incredible resource during some key projects. He continuously provided immense value as a strategic thinker and was always committed to achieving the highest quality results.

Damien has a passion for working collaboratively to solve challenges. He is very approachable and brings a high positive attitude to the workplace. He has built excellent rapport with clients and colleagues alike.

Furthermore, Damien is a strong people manager who truly cares about his team. He has a natural skill and ability to build a positive and supportive culture within his team. He is committed to his team to enable individuals to grow, take responsibility and deliver."
Photo of Joe Vezzani


Damien worked with Joe in the same group
"I spent 4 years working directly with Damien. He is a class act and extremely fun to work with. Damien is someone who is truly able to create something from nothing. He is a patient, strategic thinker who also has the execution chops as a unicorn ux, ui, designer and developer. He's the guy that get's it done. I'm excited for the opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Photo of John Hall

John Hall

Partner at TiggBee
John was a client of Damien's
I’ve worked with Damien on several projects and bar none, he’s one of the most talented designers and user experience experts I’ve worked with. He’s quick to understand the business goals and objectives and the value propositions of our products and services. Despite the dozens of web development firms we’ve worked with, Damien always comes up on top impressing the team with his artistic design and UX skills. I would highly recommend Damien.
Photo of David Broscow

David Broscow

Vice President, Data Science & Analytics at INNOCEAN USA
David was senior to Damien but didn’t manage directly
"Damien Dalli brings incredible depth and strength to Innocean. I have been impressed with the following attributes that he contributes to the agency:

Proactiveness – Damien is responsible for the Hyundai and Genesis User Experience team, however when approached with an opportunity to provide direction on an extended client’s 2.0 web site relaunch, he willingly jumped in to assist. His team was at full capacity, however he went above-and-beyond to provide a thorough assessment, and spent time with the client reviewing his written recommendations for changes that would significantly improve the overall consumer website experience.

Focus on the client – Damien recognizes that helping his client succeed makes him and Innocean strategic partners. In the aforementioned project, he provided his recommendations in a collaborative & helping way. While it was clear that there were meaningful deficiencies in the content and planning of the website relaunch, he explained his ideas in a way where the client understood that they could make course corrections. Equally, his recommendations were fully documented, structured and clearly articulated. The customer had the opportunity to implement these changes and be viewed as a hero within their organization.

Expertise – Damien has exceptional experience in his area of focus. Beyond this, he possesses a strong capacity to apply his skills & understanding to improve outcomes for Innocean’s advertisers and marketers. His knowledge allows him to make significant contributions towards any team. Importantly, he has had strong exposure to adjoining business areas, such as interactive creative design, application development and web analytics.

Leadership – Damien has demonstrated ability to manage a large workload while maintaining structure, a collaborative work environment and prioritization against his team’s most critical responsibilities. His team works cohesively and positively supports one another in achieving their objectives."

Manoj Agarwala

Senior UX Designer at INNOCEAN USA
Manoj reported directly to Damien
Damien is a standout UX Leader.

As a Director, he promotes the team’s efforts to present the strongest work on behalf of the agency.

As a Manager, he supports his team, encourages their growth, and helps us all solve problems at the big-picture through to the micro-level of detail.

Damien thinks about problems broadly and deeply, solves strategically and creatively, and always works collaboratively. Working on his team has been both a great professional experience, and a fun and enjoyable one.
Photo of Corbin Dalli

Corbin Dalli

Founder, PB&J QA Specialist at
Corbin is Damien's 4 year old son
"You are the best! I love you, Daddy!" 
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