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Through a blend of human-centered design and engineering, I focus on solving problems, enhancing interactions and improving conversion – creating experiences that are both enjoyable by users, and align with business goals.

More specifically, I provide support via the following capabilities...

User Research

Understanding the problem is key to success. I do this by ensuring we test and evaluate experiences based on behavior and feedback from real people, and distill their interactions via usability testing, behavioral analysis, analytics, etc. – both qualitative and quantitative – to understand what is working well, and likewise, where opportunities lie.

Additionally, risk exists in every project – through Research, I help clients mitigate risk by validating designed solutions to improve the likelihood of success.

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UX Strategy

I do all I can to understand where users needs, business needs, and technical capabilities meet. And with that understanding, provide guidance and bring innovative ideas with UX strategies, that are rich in experience, that your users will value.

UX Design

Once I have a clear grasp of the problem(s), and the associated user and business goals, I can help you and your team create experience solutions based on knowledge of human behavior and established interaction patterns, that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with.

"UX Design always happens. Whether it is intentional or not, someone makes a decision in how a human and product will interact. The difference is, good UX Design happens when we make these decisions [consciously] in a way that understands and fulfills the needs of both users and businesses alike." – Laura Klein, Author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products

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Information Architecture (IA)

Content is important, of course... However, how you organize that content is also important; to ensure people can easily find and understand it.

I help ensure content is organized and navigation is most effectively structured (aligning with object and subject oriented mindsets), to improve understanding and discoverability.


UX Writing

The majority of people do not read, they scan – so experiences need to be supported by language that is clear, concise and useful.

I find that writing is the unsung hero of an experience, and UX Writing contrasts and compliments Copywriting to ensure that things like "microcopy" is easily understood – and assists users in reaching their goals successfully, with confidence.


Unique and anticipatory experiences have become a user expectation – and companies should consider related approaches in the enhancement of the experiences they serve their users/visitors/customers.

I strongly advocate for personalization – creating highly contextual experiences for end users (based on first party behavior and third party data attributes); increasing usability and throughput by anticipating and supporting one's journey.

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A/B Testing

An A/B test, also known as a split test, is a way of testing variations of an experience to determine which performs better in a live environment – where each variant is randomly served to each test group of users, and their behavior is analyzed based on certain success criteria. I have found that A/B testing is an excellent way to mitigate risk, demonstrating the efficacy of potential changes, enabling data-driven decisions and ensuring positive impacts.

Beyond reducing risk, this sort of testing can yield various benefits, like:
• Improved user engagement
• Improved content
• Reduced bounce rates
• Increased conversion rates
• Ease of analysis
• Quick results (based on traffic volume)
• Reduced cart abandonment and Increased sales

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1 in 5 of those in the US have disabilities – that should be taken into account as we design and develop digital experiences.

I continuously push for designs to be done inclusively – so those that may have limitations (for example, such as visual, audible or cognitive impairments), are able to successfully engage and interact with those designed experiences.

Beyond potential legal ramifications of not meeting ADA compliance and/or web content accessibility guidelines, Accessibility can have secondary and positive impacts as well, including improved usability and even SEO.

via WCAG 2.1

Heuristic Analysis

To support further enhancements, I evaluate current digital touch points and provide insights around inefficiencies and recommendations on how to improve usability and overall performance.

User Interface (UI) + Interaction Design (IxD)

IxD examines how a user and product respond to each other.

Designing the interaction layer and ensuring the form is integrated into the function is important, thus impacting the overall experience.

Within experiences that require visual support, finding harmony between the aesthetic and function is key. Holding the perspective that every single UI element requires a reason for existence (or inclusion), yields an interface that is purposeful, clear and absent of distraction, etc.

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UX Engineering

Developing experiences, bringing things to life so to speak, bares an understanding of capabilities and limitations in the mediums we design for.

Naturally, we design for people; however, those users' primary behaviors (or approaches in interaction) are within the constructs of the associated device/medium.

Having a rooted grasp in how HTML, CSS (SASS/LESS), and Javascript renders and can be applied (within those mediums), provides me with a unique perspective around how we can meet our goals and makes collaboration and communication with Front-end Engineers more efficient.

via Sublime Text, MAMP, Gulp, Github, etc.

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